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Swedish / Therapeutic massage

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                                                                                                                               Swedish / Therapeutic

Swedish massage is a massage method that offers relief from muscle pain, treatment of headaches and migraines and reduction of nervous and muscle tensionηs, as it activates the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body and at the same time, helps to relax it. It combines western and oriental numbing techniques and includes circular friction movements, muscle fermentations and massage vibrations, with mainly relaxing pressure, although you can define it according to your needs. The Swedish massage is ideal for those who are in contact with the world of massage for the first time, for chronic diseases such as arthritis and tendonitis and for cases of problems in the waist and neck.
We suggest you to combine it with Sauna or Whirlpool for strengthening of the results.

See our offer for the prepaid 5 or 10 session package here.

• In our premises, we provide you with everything you will need to complete your appointment and immediately return to your program: disposable slippers, disposable underwear, towels, shampoo-shower, hair protector, body lotion, make-up remover, colognes , hair dryer etc.

• All rooms include a shower where you can use it before or after your treatment. The cost is €5, however, in some services it is free.

• The materials of our offered services are excellent quality almond oil, coconut oil, vegetable raw materials and certified products.

*Animus Day Spa does not provide any medical treatment. Please inform us of any allergies or serious illnesses.