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About us

The modern way of life, the fast pace of everyday life and the endless obligations are excellent sources of stress and anxiety, with significant effects on our physical and mental health and balance. On the occasion of the above and based on our many years of experience, we created a special and ideal space in the spa massage center Thessaloniki, which offers the opportunity for everyone to enjoy unique moments of relaxation, escape from the daily routine and complete rejuvenation. From the very first moment you visit our place, the decorative interventions influenced by different cultures, the atmospheric lighting, the smells of the essential oils and the harmonious melodies will take you on an enjoyable journey of well-being and euphoria.

Our team of therapists consists of trained and experienced people in the field of aesthetics and physiotherapy, who will understand your needs, will respect the uniqueness of your personality and will serve you in the most appropriate and hospitable way. With love and devotion to their subject, they take care to be regularly trained in various types of massages and facial and body treatments, enriching their repertoire of knowledge. Leave yourself in their trusted and reliable hands and feel the healing properties of alternative massages to rejuvenate your body and improve the quality of your health.

Our space provides a wide range of various services, which includes different types of massages from around the world, body and face care treatments, with certified products from herbal ingredients, absolutely beneficial and friendly to the skin, as well as whirlpool and sauna facilities. The best quality almond oil or olive oil is used in all massage services and individual towels, slippers and disposable underwear are provided. Choose the service or combination of services that is ideal for you to enhance the physical stimulation and enjoyment of the Animus experience. Also, share the ultimate journey of relaxation and magical escape from reality with your loved one, in the specially designed spaces, which we have prepared for the lovers of well-being.

Finally, we provide you with the home massage service, to enjoy the feeling of relaxation in your space. Let us know in time and one of our experienced partners, or more in cases of double & group massage will visit you at your home, hotel, or office. spa massage Thessaloniki

The owner

The owner Nikos Iatrou studied physiotherapy in Athens, where he distinguished himself with scholarships. He was then trained by talented therapists in Greece and abroad on various types of alternative massage and attended seminars on aromatherapy, sports massage, lymphatic massage, reflexology and experienced the healing power of the hands through Reiki.

For many years he was involved in psychology and research on the behavior of the individual and the needs of the elderly. He worked for many years in sports academies, nursing homes, physiotherapists and spas. He has received specialized knowledge in first aid and undertook to provide them to children & adults in sports. He has also devoted many hours to volunteering alongside people from vulnerable groups.

The experience of 15 years and more, has ensured him the acquisition of skills and abilities, so that he can offer everyone the relaxation and sense of well-being they are looking for. This is how he inspired and implemented the idea of ​​the Animus Massage area, which was later renamed Animus Day Spa. This way, everyone can easily and quickly enjoy the beneficial properties of massage, sauna and hot tub and be able to integrate them into their daily activities, enjoying a variety of benefits.