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Duration: 50΄- 60΄

Reiki is a traditional Japanese energy therapy based on the transfer of spiritual universal energy, which has beneficial effects such as improving health, physical well-being, relaxation, peace of mind, optimism, developing positive emotions, developing compassion and spiritual development.

In Japanese Ray means Universal or Spiritual and Ki means vital energy. Reiki means Universal Vital Energy. The Reiki method is a natural energy technique that uses the touch of the hands to transmit the universal spiritual energy. It is a holistic healing system that concerns the whole of our existence: body, energy, emotion, mind and spirit.


It is also a complementary system as the treatment you follow from our place combines the traditional method of Usui Reiki with reflexology, sound therapy, crystals, essential oils and hand massage, the above options are shaped according to your needs.

The frequency of sessions is determined by the nature of the problem, the needs and the ability of the recipient.


* Mention that the value is for the first session then reshaped based on frequency.

The therapists who provide this technique are:Sophia,Nikos

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